Aura’s Makeup Box

“I only let you play with makeup, because eventually we all need to grow up”

Words I will never, ever forget. Welcome to my little corner of the world. Where only positive vibes and unicorns reside. My name is Aura and I love makeup. I started playing with makeup right before my 34th birthday. Why? because at 15 I was not allowed, my parents were very traditional and I was not interested. The last part is key, I was not interested. Makeup didn’t feel the same as it does now. My oil paints and acrylics had more vibrant colors and were a much easier form for self expression. Now at 34, makeup is my escape. It is a place I can go to when I come home from the office to relax and have me time. So join me while I talk makeup, sip on my coffee or wine, I don’t do tea, as I tell you my life through reviews, updates and photos.

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